Discography (Incomplete)

by Red Label Catharsis

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Achilles Tenderloin
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Achilles Tenderloin Killer selection of songs--hope I get to hear some of these live! Favorite track: Black Feathered Blues.
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released November 22, 2014



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Red Label Catharsis Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Little Black Bones
She's never on time, she must be mine.
I waited for days and she never replied.

When she comes around, she hardly makes a sound.
She's right back out the door before I can turn around.

Her semblance great, she needs no name.
I've seen her shadow in the shade.
A familiar form without a shape.

Loud is her sound but never a word she said
She says it to the rhythm of an empty bed
She says it to the rhythm of the dead.

When she finally stays the few words she will say,
She says "Come a little closer and Ill take you further away".

I went to grab a shovel, I left to dig a hole.
I dug myself a bed right next to her home.

The music we would play, I leave it on all day.
We liked to listen to the blues, especially Skip James.

I've tried to move on, I've travelled all around.
Its when I try to settle down thats when she starts to make her sound.

Her form is like an ocean wave.
The more the change the more of the same.
A familiar voice without a face.

Loud is her sound but never a word she said.
She says it through the cold of an empty bed
She says it to the rhythm of the dead.

Well I cant let you go, all I've got are these little black bones,
Put them all together, what a beautiful pose.

Well I cant let you down, I can see that you still come around,
Im jumping at shadows, and i'm coming down hard.

Piacular dreams, how they sound so sweet,
Hell I know your mother don't care for me,
but its alright, Its no surprise to see...

one bone down and she'll blow my cover.
Backslider, Im crawling through the briar
on my hands and knees, for any little thing she might need.

Yes in one ear and out of the other,
thats just my one track mind
and its there you will find, every missing piece you don't see.
Track Name: We, Agnostics
The lyrics are about dealing with the early stage of sobriety, written during the first few months of my 2 year experience in the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Stop The World, We want to get off
And walk around a bit on the outskirts of this hell.

From now on, we walk through this land
With the courage to change the things we can.

We believe, and so suggested a few,
That we could all but repent the actions of us fools.

We believed to deceive ourselves so that we could be free.
We came to believe in a power that brought us higher.
We believed, so that we could be free of desire.

Thy will be done not mine.
Thy will be done not mine.

We have little hope but we have a plan.
We work these steps each day as we can.
We hate ourselves but we want to live.
We want to live to see the end of the world.

Sane enough to know that we're insane.
From here on out, its just a waiting game.
Find me a God who hath no faith in himself,
and I will show you this very day,
of failure and the small things,
that bring humility and rejoice.

Thy will be done not thine.
Thy will be done not mine.
Track Name: Too Many Houses (Too Close To The Road)
It seems like everywhere I go
There's too many houses too close to the road